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BASS DIRECT UK Presentation

BASS DIRECT UK proudly presents the Wayne Jones AUDIO Product Range
Introduction to UK & Europe product demonstration

SEE & HEAR the Wayne Jones AUDIO product range. MEET & TALK with Wayne Jones & Jason Charles Rogers.

From 12pm Midday, Saturday, June 10th
Bass Direct UK
Unit 12, Rigby Close, Heathcote Industrial Estate, Warwick

Bass Player Magazine:

“The best powered cabs I’ve heard”
Review by Jonathan Herrera
Received Bass Player Magazine’s Editors Award
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Bass Gear Magazine:

“They are simply some of the best sounding cabs on the planet”
Review by Tom Bowlus
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“It’s seriously epic… Insanely well made… I want one, I want two! It sounds AWESOME”
Review by Scott Devine
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Bass Musician Magazine:

“All the WJ gear performed beautifully for me on jazz, Latin, fusion, and solo bass gigs, and I’m holding back tears as I prepare to return it!”
Review by Jake Wolf
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Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinets ➤


André Berry

Guitar Amp/Speakers ➤


Gerey Johnson

Upright Bass Speaker Cabinets ➤


Scott Colley

Vocal PA Speakers ➤


HeaveN Beatbox